mercoledì 18 marzo 2009

L'Energia Rinnovabile Siciliana sul Financial Times

La Sicilia addirittura sul Financial Times per le sue potenzialità nel settore dell'energia rinnovabile -già inflazionato- e con qualche solito e banale riferimento al problema mafia. Qui l'inizio dell'articolo:

'Sicily, with its entrenched Mafia and a deep sense of fatalism among its people, might seem a strange choice for a grand project to save the world from environmental ruin.
Still, a US guru, corporate executives and the powerful local governor have gathered on the island to launch the "third industrial revolution".
Leading the world out of the "twilight" era of fossil fuels and cold war nuclear technology, they say Sicily's 5m people can blaze a visionary trail based on intensive small-scale use of renewable energy sources and pinned on the concept that individual consumers of electricity will also become producers through their super efficient buildings.
"Sicily can be a flagship for the new industrial revolution," says Jeremy Rifkin, a US professor and energy adviser to the European Commission and heads of government including Angela Merkel, the German chancellor.'

Qui il link all'articolo

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